Apply / Join

Our kids division books are currently CLOSED.

Please see the current pinned posts on our Instagram for forthcoming openings, including a recent 1hr long live with Bonnie on everything applications related. Our books remain closed for all other age ranges/requirements as they are full. 

Please ensure you are following us on Instagram and registered to our mailing list on our home page to be notified first of any further opportunities.

Please avoid calling or emailing the office for more information - this page is kept fully up to date at all times and any more details will be released on our mailing list and social media feeds first. Please ensure you are following us on Instagram and Twitter to be the first to hear.

16yrs+: Please see the apply page on our adult division

It is vital you read the Child Modelling FAQ page and the information below thoroughly before you apply.

When applying to join, the following should be taken into consideration:

  • Babies/Toddlers - Should be generally happy in front of the camera, have a content disposition, be comfortable being handled and happy around new people.
  • Children/Teenagers - Should be well behaved, confident, happy in front of the camera and enjoy meeting new people. For our acting division, we require a CV stating experience/training. Actors/Actresses would be required to join Spotlight if accepted, if not already a member.

Please bear in mind that castings are generally very short notice, sometimes the agency is given less than 24hrs notice, and are mainly in Central London for the Southern division and Central Manchester for the Northern division. Castings for school age children are generally after school, normally between 4-6pm. Castings for children not of school age generally take place during the day.

Shoots will nearly always take place during the day, so for school age children, parents must be happy for their child to miss school as and when. The agency/client will apply for a child performance licence for your child when required. Parents must be available to chaperone their child to castings/shoots.